Butterfly Sponge Magnets – #1 of Redecorating our UGLY fridge

Our Fridge is in an abysmal looking state (see tiny before pic in top header). Kids art, ugly faded magnets, old reward charts, odd quotes and postcards are stuck on in a messy hodge-podge with no order at all. It’s an eyesore. In order to tidy it up and brighten up the kitchen we are coming up with new items to decorate it in a series of blog posts titled Redecorating our UGLY fridge. This is the first edition: Super-easy butterfly fridge magnets that kids will love to make. These are actually an adaptation of the butterfly sponge paint stamping we did last month (our most popular post ever). This time we used the kitchen sponges as butterflies to decorate rather than printing with them. I’d love to take full credit but this is yet another idea from the mind of creative little Miss R.

You will need:

• Kitchen sponges (1 sponge makes 2 butterflies)
• Scissors
• Small round magnets
• elastics and pipe cleaners
• hot glue gun
• glitter glue
• bling – i.e. sequins, plastic jewels, glitter etc.
• paint if desired

How to:

Cut your kitchen sponge in half. If you want to paint them you will need to soak them in paint and squeeze it in with your hands. Beware if you choose to do this it takes 2-3 days for the sponge to dry out properly, so you will have to do the painting earlier in the week and do the decorating a few days later.
Tie them in the centre with an elastic band. Ideally a transparent one or one the same colour
as the sponge. I used kids hair elastics because that’s all we had.
Bend a pipe cleaner in half and put a little twist in the bottom just above the fold
Wrap it around the centre tie of the sponge, make another twist, then use a pencil to shape the head. Wrap the pipe cleaner around it and make another twist above it.  
Use the pencil to wind the pipe cleaner around to make curly antennae
Then they’re ready to decorate!
Get the bling ready. We used glitter glue, sequins and plastic jewels for ours. 
Decorate first with the glitter glue pen.
Then use dots of the glitter glue to add sequins and jewels.
Very pretty! The one at the bottom of this pic has been painted first.
The girls loved this craft. They kept asking for more butterflies to decorate.
Miss R at work.
She loves doing any type of craft with glitter involved.
Miss K’s first attempt.
Use a hot glue gun to stick on the magnets. Make sure you press it together tightly and hold for
about 30 secs when gluing it on, this makes it hold better.
Let them dry overnight to set properly.
They will look cute on the fridge!
One of Miss R’s butterflies.
We made so many that we decided to use the leftovers as stick puppets. Fun!

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