Egg Carton Mini ‘Copters

It’s come to my attention that the crafts on our blog are (just a little) on the girly side. BUT I know there are mums out there with boys who might not be interested in all things pink and sparkly, so here we have made (or rather I have made – the girls didn’t want a bar of this one!) some cute & easy egg carton helicpoters. Mums, you will need to do the fiddly bits here, but the boys (or girls) can help out plenty, and they will love playing with these cute-as-custard little “toys”.

You will need:

• Egg Carton(s)
• Craft knife and cutting mat
• Paint & brushes
• Scissors
• Paper
• Marker
• Split pins

How to:

Cut your egg carton into single pieces, snipping the tall part off and cutting it in half for the tail.
You will need more tall parts (you might need another carton for this). Snip the top off them and reserve for the part to attach the blades.
Paint these parts, making a half circle at the front for the windcreen.
Like this.
Once dry, add detail with a black marker. I just outlined the windscreen and drew 2 little square windows on the back, one on each side.
Use your cutting mat & craft knife to cut strips of paper approx 1cm wide and 10cm long.
You will need 2 for each helicopter.
Glue them together into a cross shape.
Use your craft knife to make a hole in the little circle tops.
Cut a small slit in the glued together cross, and attach it to the top with a split pin
(I don’t know the real name for those things!)
Glue the top & tail on with craft glue and wait for it to dry.
All done. (Sorry, had to get a pink one in there somewhere!)
If you have boys, they might also like to make an egg carton train. We made some pink, rainbow and sparkly versions, but we also did a red and blue one.

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  1. says

    Dear Kate
    I’m emailing you from Wiltshire Air Ambulance. I wonder if you would mind if I were to use your egg copter idea to send out to schools please? I absolutely love them – they are SO brilliant! It would be great, if you wouldn’t mind, to use them to help us with our fundraising leaflets to schools.
    If you wouldn’t mind, that would just be brilliant – I’ll make sure your web address is on the flier I do.
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Kindest regards
    Jemma 01380 739453

  2. says

    These are fabulous, my son can’t wait to make them – just got to get my hands on some more egg cartons (and then some more to make the Egg Carton Train!). Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. danny says

    Thanks for posting this kid-friendly craft.
    I’m going to have this craft as an activity for the Cub Scout Day Camp I’m running this summer!


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