Paper Dream Catchers

Is there a person out there who doesn’t wish good dreams on their little ones? My youngest has the bad habit of getting up over and over after we put her to bed, and the further bad habit of crawling out of her own comfy bed and into mine in the middle of the night. Sometimes I carry her back & tuck her back in, but other times I am too zonked out and just make a bit of room. It’s probably wishful thinking that a paper mobile like these will help alleviate that problem, but at an age when she still believes in magic there’s a good chance it will help calm at least a little bit of her night fears. Monsters, the dark, and shadows all play a part in her behaviour, and she also frequently gets up just to tell me she “can’t sleep”.  We made these colourful dream catchers to hang above the girl’s beds. Maybe if Miss K believes she will have a good nights sleep, she will have a better chance of doing so :-)
We did this craft over 2 days, because you need to paint the paper plates & then wait for them to dry. This is how we did it:

You need:

• Paper plates
• Paints and brushes
• Coloured craft paper – we used heavy stock but thinner paper would also work
• Raffia or crepe paper
• Feathers and plastic jewels to decorate
• Glue or double sided tape

How to:

First cut a hole in your paper plate. I used a scalpel and cutting mat and did them all myself, but a paper plate already has the indentation of a circle on it and a child could easily cut it themselves with scissors if they are big enough and you start if off for them. Then paint it whatever colour you like. You could paint a second plate to stick over the top once the inside web is finished if desired, but I didn’t bother since ours are just being hung on the wall and you won’t see the back.
Allow to dry. I find that darker colours (like purple) need a second coat.
I used a craft knife and ruler to cut lots of strips from the coloured craft paper, mine are 5mm wide. This is a bit tedious, a grown up would need to do it for little kids. A good trick is to stack about 5 sheets on top of each other and cut through them all at once.
I put double sided tape all the way around on the underside and the girls took it from there sticking on the paper strips to make the web. You could use glue if you prefer.
Miss R’s handiwork
Cut 20-30cm lengths of the raffia or crepe paper (we used raffia) and stick them on the bottom edge with double sided tape (or glue)
Stick feathers on the ends of the raffia strips, then turn over and decorate the front with the
 jewel stickers and extra feathers.
They looked pretty hanging outside in the tree but of course being paper we brought them back
inside again and hung them in the house. 
Miss R and Miss K now have their very own hand made paper dream catcher to bring them all the good dreams floating around on the ether.


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