DIY craft gift bags for kids with printable labels

I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear that I like to give the kids that are a part of our lives crafty gifts, and I like it even better when the crafty gift (that they can make) is a craft in itself (for me to make). These little gift bags are based on ideas that I have posted here on The Craft Train, and are easy to put together. I have included the labels as free printables so you can make some too. Here’s how…

Design an ornament gift bag

This is based on our Christmas shapes post we did a few weeks ago. My kids absolutely loved decorating those things, so I figured other peoples kids might like to as well. 
You will need:
• Craft foam, heavy coloured card stock or felt for the shapes
• Glitter glue pens – one per pack (in Australia you can get a 20 pack at Kmart for $3)
• Sequins
• Cello party bags (to fit the printable they will need to be 120mm wide, I bought mine in the party section at Kmart)
• The free printable label below
• A stapler
• String
How to:
Cut your craft foam (or card stock or felt) into a christmas ornament shape and punch a hole in the top. You can make up your own shape or use one of the free Christmas ornament shapes from our earlier post that I used. Into a cello bag put an ornament shape, some sequins, one glitter glue pen and a piece of string, then staple the folded label over the top of the bag to close it. That’s all!
Printable Template:
File Size: 59 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

Make your own Balloon Puppy gift bag

Earlier in the year Miss R created a pet puppy from a balloon plus a few extra bits and pieces. That was one of the crafts that got the most play ever in our house and they are just so easy to make, so I thought it would make a good small gift for a couple of the girls’ little friends this Christmas. See the original post here.
You will need:
• A balloon (one per gift bag)
• Ribbon or a piece of crepe paper streamer
• Craft foam, card stock or paper for the ears
• Small roll of tape or double sided stickers (I bought a pack filled with all different sizes for a couple of dollars at the discount store)
• Permanent marker – note: I would be sure to mention the bag contains a permanent marker the the child’s parent because those things can get out of control in the hands of a little one (at least they do around here!)
Small paper party bag (mine was left over from one of the girls birthdays earlier in the year)
• Free printable label and instructions below
How to:
Cut the ribbon into two lenghts that you think would be a suitable size for the dogs leash and tail, and also cut two ear shapes out of craft foam (or card stock). Put all items including the instruction panel into the bag, stick the label on the front and tie the bag shut with a piece of ribbon or string. I’ve used a star shaped piece of foam as a cute gift tag which I took from our Christmas shapes free printable here. That’s all you need to do to make this!
Printable Template:
File Size: 59 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

These are so easy to make and you know you’ll be giving somebody something they don’t already have, plus with the kids on holidays they’ll be needing stuff to do, right? Here’s a few more ideas that you could put together yourself to give a unique and novel gift:

• Make your own pet rock gift bag: A small container of paint, a paintbrush, a rock, some googly eyes and a couple of small feathers
• Make your own peg doll gift bag: Material scraps, an old fashioned wooden peg, a few textas and some glue
• Make your own friendship bracelet: Some beads, a piece of string, and a pretty charm

There are many more things you could throw in a gift bag, the sky is the limit!
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