DIY Cereal Box Board Game

Miss R adores nothing more than a good game of snakes and ladders or Monopoly Junior. I like that she likes board games because they’re good for practicing patience, counting, learning to be a good sport and taking turns all whilst having fun. In an inspired moment this week as I was about to throw an empty cereal box in the recycling (we already have quite a few hoarded away for craft), I decided we should make our own ‘new’ game with it instead. When I asked Miss R if she would like to do that she was extremely enthusiastic! This project is only limited by the imagination and you could create so many different things, but this is how we put our game together…

You will need

• A large cereal box
• Sharpie markers or if you prefer washable toddler markers
• Scissors
• Dice and game pieces, we used plastic dinosaurs
• Plastic table cloth if using permanent markers to protect the furniture (or you could be sorry)

How to

Before we started we talked a little about what we were planning to create. The girls had just been to the museum a few days before and wanted to make a dinosaur game. It had to have a volcano in it, and if you landed on it you must go back to the start. When you got to the end your dinosaur would be arriving in “Paradise Valley” (they have watched a cartoon with this storyline many times). Sounded like a pretty good plan to me.
I sketched out a quick game path with a start, finish and a volcano in the centre. Then the girls and I finished it off together.
Miss K drew the dinosaurs, while Miss R drew the trees, dinosaur eggs and helped me with the colouring in.
After numbering the squares we were all done.
Ready to play!
The girls are extremely proud of their creation. Every person who comes to visit gets challenged to a game. I think it’s even more highly ranked than Snakes and Ladders at our place, and that’s saying a lot! 

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