Easter Bunny Pom Pom Popper

Easter bunny popper
Here is a fun, easy craft for Easter. Ever since I saw this awesome pin floating around on Pinterest I have wanted to make a pom pom popper. With our version we have added a cute Easter twist to the idea. Here is how we made it…

You will need:
• A small piece of cardboard tube, the thicker the better. I collect all sorts of cardboard tubes from general household recycling and found some of the thinner ones were a bit too flimsy for this project and collapsed under the pressure of the stretched balloon. I’d recommend using a strong piece of paper towel tube or a thicker toilet tube.
• A white balloon
• Bunny ear shapes cut out from white card stock
• White duct tape
• Washi tape in a a soft pink pattern
• Googly eyes
• Pink pom pom nose
• Two cotton ball cheeks
• Tacky craft glue
• Extra pom poms for “popping”

How To:

Stretch the ballon in your hands by pulling it, then blow it up and let the air out just to get it a bit more stretchy. Tie a knot in the end and cut the rounded tip off as shown in this picture.

Stretch the balloon over the end of the toilet roll and then wrap a piece of duct tape around it to secure in place and provide the base of your bunny.

Stick small pieces of the pink patterned washi tape on the ears to look like the pink part of a bunny’s ears. Secure the ears on the inside back of the toilet tube with a piece of duct tape, and stick another pice on the back to hold it in place. Stick the eyes, cotton ball cheeks and pom pom nose on the front with tacky craft glue and allow to dry. It should take a couple of hours to dry but for best results leave overnight. Then you’re ready to pop away!

Pop a pom pom inside, pull the balloon knot down, let go and see how far it goes! Seriously, this one will keep the kiddos entertained for a while.

For more fun and adorable Easter craft ideas visit my Easter board on Pinterest.



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