Making Ochre Paint from Rocks

Last week we had some peaceful family R&R time away, taking advantage of the Easter break. We really wanted to go to the beach, but if you don’t get in quick in the holiday period all the nice, affordable accommodation gets snapped up by everybody else and there’s not much left to choose from. We… 

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Drawing with wet chalk

Have your kids ever left their sidewalk chalk out in the rain? If they have you’ll probably be familiar with how soggy it gets, and if you’ve ever tried to draw with it while it’s wet you might have noticed it has a consistency like paint. We decided to make this mistake on purpose and… 

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Printable Easter Chick Basket

Today I’m excited to be guest posting on the Etsy Australia blog. I’ve made an Easter chick basket that you can print out and make yourself at home (it’s easy!).

Easter scratch art

Easter Egg Scratch Art

Have you seen those scratch art kits you can buy in craft stores? The ones where you scratch an image onto a black surface and it appears in rainbow colours? They are actually very easy to make yourself at home, so long as you have the time and patience to make them. I remember using… 

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Have a Handmade Easter

I am a sucker for a good craft market. I love seeing all of the beautiful, creative pieces on display, and I always think about how long they must have taken to make. There are lots of crafts I admire but would not attempt to make myself. Sometimes because I don’t have the time, but… 

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Free printable Easter bunny wraps by The Craft Train

Printable Easter Bunny Sweet Box Wraps

These bunnies make cute small gifts for the kids’ friends this Easter. Bigger kids can even make their own to give away. Here is how to make them…

Potato stamp chicks

Potato Stamp Easter Chicks

Potato stamping is a great art activity for people of all ages, even at my age I still find it fun (or is that just me?!). In any case, most kids will enjoy this activity. This time around we’ve turned the stamped art into simple Easter chicks with sharpie markers.


Easter Bunny Pom Pom Popper

Here is a fun, easy craft for Easter. Ever since I saw this awesome pin floating around on Pinterest I have wanted to make a pom pom popper. With our version we have added a cute Easter twist to the idea. Here is how we made it…


Sensory Play: Sandbox diamond mine

Today you can catch me guest posting over at Childhood 101 with this Sensory Play: Sand Box Diamond Mine. This idea was a HUGE hit with both of my daughters.