Paper Princess Tiaras

Preschoolers love to decorate things! We have made these pretty tiaras for my daughters’ dress-up games. They love them even more because they made them themselves.You will need:
Heavy paper or card
Items to decorate eg: jewel stickers, normal stickers, pom poms & glue, textas, anything!To Make:
1) Print or trace the tiara and jewel shapes on to different coloured or patterned papers & then cut them out, or use white paper and colour it in yourself

2) Cut out and glue the jewel shapes in the right places (where the dotted lines are).

3) Decorate any way you like.

4) Cut out the extra band length and staple to the tiara in the right places so it fits the child’s head. If it’s too short, cut extra lenght of the same width & staple on to fit.

Variation: An adult can cut the jewel shapes out from the tiara itself with a cutting mat & knife to make holes and

Click here to print out your Princess Tiaras


    • Kate says

      The pdf became unlinked when I moved web hosts earlier this year, so thank you for letting me know. I’ve just updated the post and re-attached the template.


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