Egg Carton Train


A few days ago, the girls and I embarked on what turned out to be an epic craft project. Looks & seems simple enough, right? That’s what I thought anyway. You will probably need a couple of afternoons for this one. It was fun though, plus the girls love their new trains for the toys to ride in.
We made no less than 3 fun trains: 1) The Superhero Express (by me, above),

2) The Rainbow Sparkle train (by R)

& 3) The Pink Princess train (by K)
Too much fun! Here’s how we made them …

You will need:

• I whole egg carton & 1 toilet roll per train
• Paints
• Glue
• Coloured craft paper
• Ribbon or string
• Scissors, hole punch, paint brushes

How to:

1) Cut the egg carton into sections of 2 cups, plus one section of 1 cup for the engine & trim edges to tidy up
2) Paint the egg carton pieces & toilet roll any colour you like
3) Wait for them to dry. If you want to, paint a pattern on with another colour once dry. I painted white spots, Ruby decided on sparkles.
4) Make the wheels. At first I traced around small plastic lids to make the circles & then cut them out one by one for the kids – pointless, time consuming labour (you need lots of wheels), because then I had the brainwave of creating a printable template of perfect circles that you fold in half & cut out 2 at a time. You can print it out below. There are 3 wheels on each side of the toilet roll engine (1 large & 2 small) & 2 small wheels on each carriage.

2 days later we pulled it out again to finish off …

5) Punch holes with a hole punch in the back of the engine & the front & back of each carriage, or poke a hole with a metal skewer
6) Tie them together with a piece of ribbon or string
7) Glue on the wheels by applying a dab of craft glue on the egg carton & pressing the wheel on
8) Make the funnel. Roll a small (approx 4-5cm high) strip of paper up into a cylinder. Glue the lip down, then wind a thin strip of a different coloured paper around all the way up to make a candy stripe. snip tiny slits all the way around the bottom of the cylinder & fold under to make tabs. Glue it on the front of the toilet roll engine with the tabs.
9) Make the mini cone for the top of the funnel by cutting a circle shape with a slit to the middle & pulling it into a cone and gluing in place.

Voila, you’re done. Now, once it’s all completely, absolutely dry (so there will be no tears when the wheels fall off), it’s time to play!


Ready to start!

She can’t wait …

“Mine will be rainbow!”

“…with sparkles”

“& sparkly wheels, because I don’t like black

One way of making the wheels

Or you could just use this template below

Threading carriages together (too fiddly for little hands, my kids tried but did not get far)

Gluing on the wheels

Plus little inner circles for the Superhero Express (from inside a hole punch)

Making the funnel (excuse the grandma wrinkly hands)

The candy stripe

The mini-cone whistle top

All done! …now time to play

The Superhero Express (Retro action figures pinched from Husband’s collection in the garage)

I love crafts that become toys, it gives them a double purpose, and the kids are extra proud & happy with them because they made them themselves

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