Egg Carton Train

Egg cartons are so versatile! We always keep them aside for craft rather than recycling them and have been building up quite a collection, so I came up with the idea of creating simple egg carton trains which went down a treat with my two girls. Seriously, this was a project that they have enjoyed playing with a LOT. Although these trains are very easy to make, I’d suggest laying aside a couple of days to allow for drying time and the short attention spans of little kids. My girls are pre-school aged and needed help with all of the fiddly bits (cutting wheels, poking holes etc.) but they did as much of it as they could and are very proud of their creations!

You will need:

• I whole egg carton & 1 toilet roll per train
• Paints
• Glue
• Coloured craft paper
• Ribbon or string
• Scissors, hole punch, paint brushes

How to:

Cut the egg carton into sections of 2 cups, plus one section of 1 cup for the engine & trim edges to tidy up. Then paint them and allow to dry.

Make the wheels. At first I traced around small plastic lids to make the circles and then cut them out one by one for the kids, but then decided it would be MUCH quicker and easier to create a printable wheel template (you need a lot of wheels for three trains!). You can print it out here.

Punch holes with a hole punch in the back of the engine & the front & back of each carriage, or poke a hole with a metal skewer. Then tie them together with a piece of ribbon or string.

Glue on the wheels by applying a dab of craft glue on the egg carton & pressing the wheel on.

Make the funnel. Roll a small (approx 4-5cm high) strip of paper up into a cylinder. Glue the lip down, then wind a thin strip of a different coloured paper around all the way up to make a candy stripe. snip tiny slits all the way around the bottom of the cylinder & fold under to make tabs. Glue it on the front of the toilet roll engine with the tabs. Make the mini cone for the top of the funnel by cutting a circle shape with a slit to the middle & pulling it into a cone and gluing in place. Voila – you’re done!

Now, once it’s all completely, absolutely dry (so there will be no tears when the wheels fall off), it’s time to play!

Our Creations:

I love crafts that become toys, it gives them a double purpose!
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  1. Zane says

    I just wrapped up a project with my (almost) 4 year old daughter. We found on an 18 pack of eggs, the inside of the lid looked like it had 4 little cars wishing to come out of it. Rather than make cars, we used them to make covers to put on top of match box cars. We hold them on with her little tiny rubber bands for her hair. So she drew on them, painted them, put stickers on them, made flags for them… we have been playing with them all week!


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