Make spider stick puppets from toilet rolls and felt

A few days ago the munchkins and I spent an afternoon making these cute and very easy spider stick puppets from toilet rolls and felt. Miss R really went to town and made lots of little spider friends, all for the purpose of using with our BIG cardboard box puppet theatre (coming soon, wink wink ;-). Mine somehow became a King’s Court of spiders, featuring a king, queen, princess (in the pic above), jester and even the Queen’s mum.  This is how we made them …

You will need

• Toilet rolls cut into smaller sections (approx 3 sections per toilet roll)
• Felt in assorted colours, cut into strips
• PVA glue and cotton bud to apply it with
• Googly eyes
• Pipecleaners (4 per spider)
Dowel rod (1 per spider)
• Scissors and small hole punch
• Hot glue gun

How to

Cover the toilet roll with glue, and wrap a piece of felt around it. Trim to size.
Add googly eyes and felt mouth
Punch 4 holes each side for the pipe cleaner legs
Thread the pipe cleaners through crossing over like pictured
Bend the legs to shape with little feet as shown. Decorate however you like.
To make stripey legs twist 2 colours together. Make hair from felt, and crowns from felt and jewel stickers (we have an endless supply – the kids love a bit of sparkle in pretty much every craft project!).
Attach a dowel rod with a hot glue gun and let set properly overnight, then you’re done!
Miss R threading the pipe cleaners
Isn’t he lovely!
 … and a sparkly legged fellow

We made …

The King
The Jester
The Queen of hearts, (crown falling apart, oh dear)
The Princess
AND the Queen’s Mum. Just for the record, Miss R wanted a Queen’s Dad too (because every Grandmother lives with a Grandfather) but the afternoon had disappeared and our bellies were rumbling.
Watch out Miss Muffet!

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