Tin can indoor golf – fun from recycled junk!

We have had rainy days here, and that means more indoor activities are needed! We have exhausted the dancing, tent building, play dough fun and teddy tea parties, today it was time for something new. Miss R adores put-put golf, the kind with big moving colourful obstacles and lots of holes to get through. We tried a scaled down version in our living room this afternoon, making our own obstacles from recycled boxes, holes from tin cans and even our own club from recycled paper tubes. This is what happened …

You will need

For the holes:
• 3 x Tin cans
• 3 x Popsicle sticks (paddle pop sticks/craft sticks)
• Paper for flags (use this printable flag template)
• Glue stick & scissors
• Duct Tape
For the club:
• 2 x paper towel rolls, plus a half cut lengthways to brace them together
• 1 piece of thick recycled cardboard (ideally a flap from a cardboard carton)
• Duct tapeFor the obstacles:
• Assorted recycled boxes
• Duct Tape

How to


Make the club by cutting out a piece from the cardboard scrap as shown above for the bottom of the club, cover with duct tape and trim. Stick the 2 paper towel rolls together with the duct tape using the half piece cut lengthways as a brace over the join. Cover the entire stick with duct tape to give it a bit more strength and also for aesthetic value, then tape the cardboard “club” to the end.
To make the flags print out pdf template at the end of this post, cut them out and fold over the popsicle stick and glue together.
Attach to the end of the can with a bit of duct tape
Hole one done!
For an obstacle we cut the top and bottom out of a cracker box and duct taped it to the carpet for a tunnel.
The starting point was an X on the carpet.
The second obstacle was 2 boxes at different angles
…even more tricky!
For a bit of variety we made a little bridge from 2 cracker boxes (I have been collecting cracker boxes for a while!). Then on to the 3rd hole.
Yay – game finished! As we only had one plastic golf ball a pink barbie beach ball made a good golf ball for competitor number two. This is an easy, low fuss indoor activity, suitable for bigger kids too. They would even be able to design their own obstacles from whatever recycled materials you have lying around. The ones we made are very basic, but seriously, the sky is the limit.



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