Frog on a lilly pad with printable template

Last week Miss K had a special friend to look after for the week from her pre-school, a stuffed animal named Frankie the travelling frog. The idea is that every child takes him home for a week, takes pictures of what he gets up to, and then journals it for the rest of the class to read.It’s hard to tell who was more excited about this project, me or Miss K. I tried to keep my over-enthusiasm in check but failed miserably and in the end I typed up 8 pages of adventure-packed frog journal and then finished it off with a fancy pop-up frog craft. Over the top maybe, but Miss K was chuffed! We all had a go at making the frog pop-up again later in the week and turned it into a printable for the blog, so here it is …

You will need

• Coloured paper and scissors • Glue and sticky tape • Items to decorate; this can be whatever you like eg: pencils, textas, glitter, stickers etc. • Googly eyes

How to

Print out the template at the end of this post on to plain white paper. Cut the lily pad from the frog and then stick the whole section with a little bit of magic tape to a piece of coloured paper as shown above. For best results use heavy paper but thin would also work. Cut out the lily pad and do the same for the frog but use a different coloured paper.

Decorate the lily pad. I stuck leaf markings in a darker shade of green on to mine, but the girls preferred glitter and stickers.

Decorate the frog and stick his eyes on. Miss R used blobs of glitter glue instead of googly eyes for her frog.

Make a paper spring by folding 2 strips of paper over each other in a concertina pattern.
Miss R was able to do this all by herself, and was very proud.
Stick the frog to the lily pad with the paper spring and you’re done! Isn’t it cute?
For printable template click here: Frog on a lilypad

Our froggy friends

By me
By Miss K
By Miss R



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