Cut & fold toilet roll elephants

These toilet roll elephants are really easy to make, not to mention quick.  You simply need to cut the elephant pattern into the flattened toilet roll as shown below. We painted them in bright colours but really you can decorate them any way you like. Here’s how to make them …

You will need

• Toilet rolls 
• Kids acrylic paint
• Scissors and a hole punch

How to

Flatten your toilet roll
Use a pair of small sharp scissors to cut the elephant shape out as shown here. I didn’t draw a pattern on, I just cut them freestyle with the scissors. Start with the head & ears, cutting the piece from the top. Then make a second cut in sideways from under the end of the ear. From the bottom left cut a thin strip almost as high as the bottom of the ear for the trunk, followed by another thinner strip on the right about two thirds as high for the tail. Cut an arch in the middle for the legs.
Pop the elephant into shape
His ears will still be joined together so you will need to cut them and fold them out. Curl up the trunk and the tail.
Trim the corners of the ears to make them more round. This pic is just before trimming.
Snip the ends of the tail like this.
Punch two eyes with a hole punch, or you could stick on googly eyes after painting.
Then paint them! You can paint them before cutting if you prefer but I think kids like to see the shape of the animal they are painting while they paint it.
We made a rainbow of elephants!
Miss R is especially proud of her purple one, her name is Sparkle.
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