Cupcake Case Flower Garland

While the rest of the world is half way through Autumn and Fall, here in Australia it’s half way through Spring. Mind you, we’ve had heat more suited to mid-summer this week, but that’s the way of Spring. Next week it could switch back to freezing cold and we will all long for the glorious sunshine again. Our garden is filled with colourful spring flowers, and here is a craft to celebrate them. In my opinion they are the nicest thing about this time of year – apart from that sunshine of course.

You will need

• Cupcake cases (fondly called patty pans in our family) in a range of colours
• Double sided tape
• String and duct tape for attaching the flowers to the string
• Spot stickers in whatever colour you fancy
Get at least 3 cupcake cases in the colours you would like for your flower.
Fold patty pan in half, then in half again, again and again.
Trim the edge so it’s a rounded shape.
Unfold into a flower.
Make two more flowers consecutively smaller than the first.
Stick them together with double sided tape and put a spot in the middle.


Cut the patty pan into the following shapes to get different styles of petals, or make up your own shape – anything goes.
To make the leaves I cut the green shape above in half, and then stuck doubled over around the string.
You can use the flowers for anything really. Flower crowns, necklaces or cards to name a few but I decided to make a garland by attaching the finished flowers to a piece of jute string with a small piece of duct tape.
My own kids didn’t make any of these although they were interested and loved the finished product. I’m not sure if their scissor skills are quite up to the task but older school-aged kids would probably enjoy making them. Really, they are soooo easy!
We think they look lovely hanging in the kids play room.
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