Bush Critters

The girls & I have been going on lots of walks in the park and along the side of the road in the stunning Autumn weather (as you do), and we have been collecting lots of seed pods and interesting things along our way. My 4 year old likes to make things out of anything, and she often plays with leaves in that way making them into dragonflies and lady beetles. I decided to let her go wild & we created what I like to call an “organic construction set”, and with it we made lots of little critters. The big kid in me enjoyed this activity even more than my little kids I think.

We collected …

lots of Autumn leaves
All sorts of seed pods
Banksias and more seed pods
And we added googly eyes and blu-tac
Interesting bark and sticks
A few green things
Speckled and curly gum leaves
Our “organic construction set”

Total cost: FREE because we already had the googly eyes and blu-tac in the cupboard. The kids seriously loved collecting all the treasures (bonus! 2 activities in one :-)

And then we made …

A dragonfly
A duck
An Emu
A little bush fairy (I was proud of this one)
Mummy & baby leaf people – by miss K
A butterfly
Miss K’s bush monster
A cricket
A talking leaf
Little mushrooms
A turtle
A caterpillar
Crazy leaf face
A mouse
Miss R’s little critters. She made these the day after I first made this post and wanted
to know if they were good enough to go on the blog, so they are her late addition.
And that’s all! But I bet you could think of a hundred more 😉
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